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Why Install A Permanent Exterior Light System?

High Country Lighting is an authorized dealer of Gemstone Lights and installs permanent exterior lighting systems for your home or business. Smart outdoor lighting gives residents the ability to easily customize the colors, patterns, animations, and timing of their home exterior lights. Enjoy having permanent outdoor lighting professionally installed on your home, eliminating the time and effort of hanging (and taking down) Christmas or holiday lights every year!

Benefits of Smart Outdoor Lighting

Lifetime Warranty

All of our lights and wires are of the best quality. We support this claim with a lifetime service warranty.

Fully Customizable Colors

Tap into your creative side and customize colors for Christmas, Holidays, Sports Teams, and more!

LED 50,000 Hour Lights

Generally, our outdoor lighting systems will last 50,000 hours so maintenance is often not needed!

Waterproof Connections

Our outdoor LEDs have individual waterproof connections so they are quick and easy to replace.

Dimmable Lights

Enjoy having control of the brightness of the lights. You can pick a soft glow with the simple dimming option.

Set Multiple Timers

Manage the timing with the easy app. Set your timers to have patterns and colors change hourly or even yearly!

Architectural Lighting

Light up your home entrance, the sidewalk, and more for stunning architectural lighting.

Low Profile Design

These permanent LED lights are a low profile design, so they will remain unseen during the day.

Montana Permanent Christmas Lighting

If You Want to Avoid The Hassle of Hanging Christmas Lights Every Year, Call (406) 551-7776.

Transform the look of your home by installing permanent Christmas lighting in Montana. By installing Gemstone Lights, High Country Lighting offers a product that is not only designed to last, but can be customized to fit your home and style. We know that you have big ideas for your home, and our team is here to help bring them to life. In order to get the best outdoor lighting, you need to contact the right team. With years of lighting experience and free estimates, you’ve got nothing to lose by relying on High Country Lighting. Our lighting team specializes in installing high-quality and long-lasting Montana outdoor lighting. You will see your home transform with our durable materials, prompt customer service, and beautiful LED lights that will shine for years to come.

With years of installations completed, we understand exactly what it takes to properly install permanent Christmas lighting in Montana. Other companies don't have the attention to detail and reliable customer service like we do. When you give High Country Lighting a call, you will receive a stunning result.


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High Country Lighting can upgrade your house or business with outdoor, year-round lighting in Montana, so contact us today! With years of experience installing Gemstone Lights, High Country Lighting will bring your architectural lighting dreams to life for your Montana home. There are many benefits of smart outdoor lighting on your home, including access to the most comprehensive controller on the market. With smart, year-round lighting, you have the ability to customize the lights of your home by selecting from thousands of color combinations or individually controlling each light. Along with colors, you can also manage the patterns, animations, and timing of your exterior lights.

High Country Lighting is ready to brighten up your home with unique architectural and holiday lighting. You will love your lights! Call (406) 551-7776 for the best Montana permanent lighting solution for your home.

Customizable Year-Round Lighting